Skin Text

For this exercise, I set out to reflect the texture of skin through the use of both sub surface scattering and bump mapping. I used a directional light for the overall lighting of the scene, as well as two area lights to back light the text in order to showcase the sub surface scattering a bit better.

Skin Render

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Metal Quiz

For this quiz I wanted to try to replicate the  appearance of a rusted tin roof with the lettering being more rusted over to appear better on the roof. I added an HDRI file to the skydome to simulate a night sky in a field, and used a directional light to replicate moonlight on the metal roof.


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Rock Text

This exercise helped to showcase how to apply a rock-like texture to a standard surface, scale/UV map them to different surfaces on the typeface, and use bump mapping to help create a more realistic material texture. I thought Rockwell was a fitting font choice for this quiz, and utilized the atmosphere in the render setting to give a slight change to how the light is interacting with the objects, almost as if someone was in a cave.

Rock Quiz


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3D Type – Glass

The first of several exercises where we are experimenting with a material applied to a 3D text. In this example, I made the word glass out of a glass-like material. I changed the specular, transparency, and sub surface scattering to get a different effect on the interior of the typeface. I also used photometric lighting to light from above, and light linked two other lights to just the text to help illuminate the rendering.

Glass v2

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Renaissance Anarchist – Maya Room Rendering

Following the mood board for a Renaissance Anarchist, I began modeling a room based on those researched styles. My intention was to create a stylized room that was only slightly effected by the anarchist. To let the anarchist element create an uneasy ripple in an otherwise very ornamented room. The anarchist flag acts as that element, slightly effecting one element in the room, the chandelier, that ripples and ends up effecting the overall lighting and intensity of the room.

Below are my first process renderings, then the final rendering following the in-class critique. The critique was mainly to find a balance between my the dark version of the scene and the light version, as well as try to add some texture to the back walls where the light is hitting to add more realism.

Process Renderings:

Back Walls Enabled – Room V2

Back Walls Hidden –Room V1

Final Rendering:

Rendering v2

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Mood Board – Intro to 3D Modeling Project 1

Below is a compiled mood board for our first project in 3D Modeling. We were given a random room, style, and type of person that lives in that room.

My style was Renaissance and my type of person was an anarchist. I thought this was a really interesting pair because one is synonymous with symmetry and organization and beauty, and the other was a very rebellious, revolutionary attitude that usually is synonymous with defacing things with graffiti. The mood board below explores different interior renaissance styles and colors, interrupted by the anarchist mentality, street art and personality.

Mood Board-01

The next step is to start modeling an interior space that reflects these two personalities and styles in autodesk Maya!

Sources for the images above:


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Story Telling Through Photograph

For this piece, I told a story based on the quote:

“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings.” – Salvidor Dali

I wanted to depict an architect napping over his work/work utensils. Most of them out and ready for use. But the architect has no ambition to utilize the tools around him. The wing made out of trace paper was meant to depict the potential of greatness being there, but being under utilized, frail and flimsy


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