Principles of Design Exercise



Analysis: This piece that originally displayed the concept of the “implied line” I feel can also showcase the principle of balance. It was intended that the red figures create movement from a specific point. Their size and position on the paper is the main factor in creating this a-symmetry. This allows the image to not only showcase the origin point of these shapes, but also help the viewer determine a possible spacial perspective with the balance it is showcasing.


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.10.09 PM

Dejanira (Autumn), Custave Moreau, ca. 1826-1898.

Analysis: In Dejanira (Autumn), Gustave Moreau really focused on the emphasis of the imagery in his painting. Through the use of the elements of value and color, he was able to emphasize the main figures in the piece. This use of elements helps create the emphasis. That in turn, helps reinforce a sense of importance with the bottom right of the work rather then the rest of the forest in the background. This fact also plays a role in its ability to show balance as well.



Analysis: In this work, the 2 dimensional shapes play more then one role. Not only do they showcase where in space the focal point is, and where the viewers eyes are attracted to, but they also show a rhythmic pattern for the viewer to follow on their journey to given point in space. It helps the eye jump from circle to circle, experiencing the gradual then rapid movement to understand where they meet up.



Analysis:  This is an example of unity because it uses the foreshortening of shapes to help the viewer create a unified object in their mind. It shows that the implied object is rounded in some way, and the arrangement of the shape allows for the viewer to make that unity and determine what it is that they are seeing.

Figure Ground


Analysis: The shape exercise from the first assignment showcases not only literal shape, but also implied shapes as well. Through the use of positive and negative spaces both cut in and out of other shapes, the viewer can start to draw their own lines and determine within the white background what it is these shapes are trying to arrange to create.



Analysis: Contrast is important between the background and the foreground of this image. The black background helps frame the colors and almost keep them within their respected boundaries, and helps keep the viewer at a specific feeling while looking at each set of colors. Black helps isolate the moment of each set, allowing the viewer to experience it in segments.

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