Career Talk: The “Don’t Nots” of Building a Career

The event that I chose to attend was the Career talk with artists Adam Hinterlang and Peter Morgan. Within this talk, both artists discussed the dos and don’ts of how to prepare for a professional future as an artist. The overall reasoning for my attendance at this specific event was that in this point in my professional career, I feel that it is important to start thinking forward and preparing myself for how I might tackle this next phase of my life. I went in with this mentality in mind, at first expecting just a talk about how to be a professional. However, what I experienced in this meeting was even more than that, and I feel it almost emotionally validated some of the concerns I’ve been having myself seeing that these two artists have expressed having the same feelings that I am having at this moment.

To be more specific, there was a specific point where the discussion sort of went off into Adam “monologuing” as he put it about his first experiences starting out. He, began to talk about how while he graduated with many people, and some of those people had rocketed towards their careers. This was something that really resonated with me because at times, I feel that some of my peers are gaining a lot of different opportunities in the work force than I have thus far, and it can at times be a little disheartening. But Adam went on to say that even though these people were rocketing towards the jobs they wanted, he found solace in the fact that he was able to find a job that would be able to keep him afloat, while at the same time allow him to still experience creative studio work on his other free time. Essentially, he was able to keep a job that wasn’t necessarily what he wanted right away, but still manage to keep honing his artistic skills and continue doing what he loved in the time that he wasn’t working. This sort of helped me cope with the feelings that I have right now. That being that maybe my life isn’t completely laid out, or rocketing towards a certain career, but if I stay true to my interests I can still work possibly outside of my field and still feel fulfilled working on what I love outside of that sphere of work.

I was coming at this meeting from the lens of an architecture student, which has recently started to express interest in the realm of graphic design. What this meeting also was able to show me was not only can I still practice what I love to do on my own time, but I also can have the time to proliferate my abilities among several disciplines of art and design. I did start to do that with my current concentration in graphic design, but they discussed how really becoming familiar with different facets of design can make you a really well rounded artist and started to validate the current academic track that I am on. Overall, I feel that this was a great experience and more importantly realistic experience that I feel I really needed at this point in my life.

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