Color Palettes

Brand New Retro


For new retro I chose to use an Analogous color scheme, using yellow, orange, orange red, and red. This combination of colors when used together I felt created a very old and retro tone and value.

Urban Zen


The design for Urban Zen revolves around the concept of zen being inner peace, playing with a radial scheme as well as the outlining in the typography. I wanted to accomplish a inward/fulfilling feeling. I originally designed this peace to have a monochromatic scheme, however after the lecture on Wednesday I changed the piece because I felt the color scheme in this version didn’t quite fit the definition of monochromatic.

Urban Zen V2


For Urban Zen v2 I primarily focused on keeping the teal the same color value, while changing the tone of the color as the scheme moves inward to the word zen. The color was changed from blue to teal because I felt it reflected a much more light feeling that the word zen implies, resting within a black “Urban” shell.



The caffeinated color scheme was supposed to represent a gradual progression to the top of the piece. When I think caffeinated, I think of not so much a burst of energy but a gradual, yet exponential increase in energy. That’s what I wanted to achieve with a monochromatic, dark brown-orange composition as it raises the typography to the top of the page.



In the composition Edge, I wanted to create color pallet that would be representative of a logo-type palette. This is why in terms of color/value, I decided to chose red and use the white and the black as other pieces of the palette to help keep the composition simple. This was also my attempt to get away from the monochromatic schemes of the other pieces and try my luck out in another area.



With Shhh… I wanted a very hushed tone, that’s why a lot of the values of the colors are saturated to a much darker tone. While this piece does still use the monochromatic sort of gradient, it also introduces some elements of complementary colors with the unsaturated blue vs. the orange of the background.



This is an updated version of Shhhh…. which still plays on the concept of very unsaturated complementary colors that create a very grey and muddled tone. There was also a change in the typography to help more exaggerate the heavy-handedness of the beginning of the sound “SHHhhh…” as it starts to fade away.

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