Personal Color Palette


Above are the items that I chose to be a part of my own personal color palette. I made my decisions based on the color descriptions from the book entitled “Design Elements: Color Fundamentals” by Aaris Sherin. This book was from the Hinkle Library, and show cases many different ways to use color as well as the theories behind the colors that are used. Below are a list of the items that I chose, and the reasoning behind each of the choices:

Masking Tape: This tape was a darker shade of blue, and on page 79 the book describes an example of how blue is often used to relay trustworthy-ness, which is a quality that I hold very highly in myself and others.

Tie: The tie that I own is a very dark shade of purple, and I feel that it helps represent my conservative-ness and very inward personality. The book describes this relationship on page 101.

Sketch Book: My sketch book is a very light shade of brown, almost that of a brown paper bag. On page 102, the book describes this color to be a very neutral color, that is often used to portray peaceful/calmness.

Flosser: This item has a very interesting shade of teal that I feel is a very cool blue color. Again on page 101, the book discusses more cool colors and I feel this teal color goes alone with their description of cool colors being able to be subtle.

In all I feel these colors represent me as someone who values tust, calm/peaceful actions, and conservative/subtle actions.


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