Design Distruptors Experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to go over to AU to view an early screening of Design Disruptions. This documentary took designers from all disciplines, graphic, package, game, and social media design, and interviewed them on their philosophies of the profession.

I found this documentary thought provoking for a number of reasons: The first being that they tackled really the mentality behind what it means to design. That its not so much about the mastery or the use of the programs, but what programs you use to solve any of your design decisions. They often emphasized that, designing is not about creating art pieces or things that just “look good,” its about solving problems. They even went on to say that art is about proposing questions, and design is about solving the questions of the world that are proposed.

One thing that I did notice, and maybe this is my bias, is that there was not a lot of representation of architecture in this video. I didn’t think that they had left it out on purpose, but it did make me think that possibly, from a design point of view, architecture may not be as recognized as the design profession that it used to be. We all definitely strive to make it so, but architecture definitely has a lot of outside influence in the modern day, that can definitely stifle the architects design expertise and vision. This documentary definitely got me thinking of how I can contribute to the realization of designers, in terms of my own life in architecture.

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