Max Outline

I thought of a concept for what I could do with the program Max once we started handling it in our projects. Its centered around the idea that light is the controlling factor of all the living environment that we experience. It bounces off of materials and either is included or excluded from spaces to create the desired three dimensional forms that an architect had in mind for the user.

I thought that if a sensor could pick up the light that enters different styles of architecture, I.E. Gothic vs. Modern, it could pick up how light interacts with an interior space. How dim or colored it is, how it bounces off of the surface materials. Then the sensor would input that information into Max, and max would then export an algorithm to create basic 3 dimensional models that are “in the manner of” the architectural style it surveyed. Below is a diagram of the process:Diagram

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Sound Project

The following is another rendition of the two animations I previously made with adobe after effects. Through the use of royalty free sound effects, and adobe audition, I was able to add sound effects to the visual queues that were showing on screen, increasing the immersion and depth of the creation. Links to both can be found below:

Snap Crackle Pop (Pop Pop Snap -Crackle-):

The objective of this exercise was to create a quick composition of audio using a snap, crackle and a pop, within a time constraint. I decided to use the crackle as the back drop to the track and create the rhythm with snaps and pops. These sounds were all made by me, snapping for the snap sound, creating a pop noise with my mouth for the pop, and actually using a wrapper in order to create a consistent crackle for the background noise.

Marlborough Madness with Sound:

My previous iteration of this animation almost relied on the user to add in the confetti pop sound in their head. With my new experience in audition, I realized the opportunity for sound design to really help communicate the ideas that are in my head, more clearly to an audience. This also can add the versatility of the piece, allowing it to be an intro or outro to a video, or if no sound is required it can be muted. Adding more information allows the client the ability to either utilize or take away aspects such as sound or movement depending on their desired use of the logo and typeset.

Numbers with Sound:

Much like the Marlborough Madness piece, the numbers piece with the additional sound communicated the idea a lot better. I went into the numbers piece wanting the outline to seem like its heating up. I utilized the sizzle and pop sound effects from a royalty free website to help add that feeling to the animation as the letters began to rotate more rapidly as it sizzles and suddenly pop, almost like popcorn.

Rio Carnival:

The Last entry is my addition of sound to the Rio Carnival video.  I wanted to explore creating my own sound for this video, instead of relying on royalty free sound effects. It was an experience that I would like to explore much deeper in future projects, and possibly apply what I learn from sound recording back tho this Rio project later down the line.

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Adobe Audition – Snap Crackle Pop

The objective of this exercise was to create a quick composition of audio using a snap, crackle and a pop. I decided to use the crackle as the back drop to the track and create the rhythm with snaps and pops.

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After Effects Numbers Exercise

Below is my first after effects video. This was created by making several numbers in Photoshop and importing the different layers into after effects. I wanted to achieve an effect of build up and energy as the numbers start to pup up and count to 10.



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Rio Carnival

The Carnival in Rio is a celebration of indulgence. Beginning as a Portuguese holiday, the Carnival or “Entrudo” represents the entry into the weeks of lent. Those who partake in lent practice restraint and frugality, and the Carnival is meant to act as a release before this long rest. The Carnival is about celebrating differences, and indulging in different cultures together as one.

This short video was meant to reference the spirit of Carnival, having the water represent human indulgence, filling up to the brim until it slowly peaks over the edge, entering Lent.


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