After Effects Numbers Exercise

Below is my first after effects video. This was created by making several numbers in Photoshop and importing the different layers into after effects. I wanted to achieve an effect of build up and energy as the numbers start to pup up and count to 10.



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Rio Carnival

The Carnival in Rio is a celebration of indulgence. Beginning as a Portuguese holiday, the Carnival or “Entrudo” represents the entry into the weeks of lent. Those who partake in lent practice restraint and frugality, and the Carnival is meant to act as a release before this long rest. The Carnival is about celebrating differences, and indulging in different cultures together as one.

This short video was meant to reference the spirit of Carnival, having the water represent human indulgence, filling up to the brim until it slowly peaks over the edge, entering Lent.


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Textures of the Week

This 1 minute video project was to experiment with my ability to take a given concept of a video, and match it with a score. In this example, I chose to use the concept of texture, and match it with a score paced by the days of the week. In the piece linked below, I wanted to achieve rise and fall to the week, and as the week goes on the textures become more rough much like the feeling of the week.

I also wanted to end with the iphone-charging sound as the clip cuts to black in order to elude to the week’s energy coming to a close and hint at the beginning of a new week.

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