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Adobe Audition – Snap Crackle Pop

The objective of this exercise was to create a quick composition of audio using a snap, crackle and a pop. I decided to use the crackle as the back drop to the track and create the rhythm with snaps and … Continue reading

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After Effects Numbers Exercise

Below is my first after effects video. This was created by making several numbers in Photoshop and importing the different layers into after effects. I wanted to achieve an effect of build up and energy as the numbers start to … Continue reading

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Rio Carnival

The Carnival in Rio is a celebration of indulgence. Beginning as a Portuguese holiday, the Carnival or “Entrudo” represents the entry into the weeks of lent. Those who partake in lent practice restraint and frugality, and the Carnival is meant … Continue reading

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Textures of the Week

This 1 minute video project was to experiment with my ability to take a given concept of a video, and match it with a score. In this example, I chose to use the concept of texture, and match it with … Continue reading

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